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“Combustion-Electric Double Triumph”! JLU Racing Team Sweeps the National Championship of Formula Student Combustion China and Formula Student Electric China

Time:2022-06-19   Views:

On 19 June, 2022, the 2021 Formula Student China Awards Ceremony was held in Beijing Starpark. The Jilin University (JLU) student racing team took the lead among 123 teams and won the national championship of Formula Student Combustion China (FSCC) and Formula Student Electric China (FSEC), and was invited to watch the ceremony and receive the award. This is the first time that our “Gspeed” Formula E Team has been crowned the national champion since its establishment in 2015. It is also the third time that the team be on the top podium, becoming the first domestic “Trebleof this event. Moreover, in FSCC history, the team is the first to achieve the “Combustion-Electric Double Triumph” in the same year!

In the first half of 2022, the sudden striking pandemic made the students of the team either quarantined in student dormitories or separated all across the country. However, the 20 days have seen them overcome many difficulties in life and work to participate in the preliminary and final races of race car design, cost manufacturing analysis, business report, and other projects, successively complete 12 long-distance defenses, submitted more than 300 pages of letter evaluation materials, prepared more than 200,000 words of technical documents, and organized 42 times of simulation training by themselves. Finally, they delivered a perfect answer with wisdom and effort.

Formula Student China is the highest-level discipline competition in China’s automobile machinery discipline, which includes two A-class events, namely, the FSCC and FSEC. Since 2010, JLU has continuously participated in all competitions and won the national championship and the national first prize many times. The 2021 Formula Student China was postponed to this year due to the pandemic, and it was carried out in the form of static projects and online defense. In the process of defense, our students’ high technical level and rich knowledge reserves have been widely and unanimously praised by expert judges. In the six major events of racing design, cost manufacturing analysis, and business report in FSCC and FSEC, our team won first place in five single events and second place in one single event, which once again demonstrated the fruitful achievements of our university in cultivating new engineering and innovative talents, and it was also a concentrated expression of the effectiveness of JLU’s “Three Complete Education”.

JLUs student racing team was founded in 2007. After more than ten years of accumulation, it has now achieved full coverage of high-level competitions in the automotive discipline and built a practical teaching platform for students’ automobile sports with the largest scale, the most complete categories and the highest technical strength in China. At present, the racing team covers more than ten colleges/schools and disciplines, and runs through all training stages from undergraduates to doctoral students. It trains nearly 300 students every year, produces nearly 1,500 outstanding graduates and more than 300 master’s and doctoral students. In the process of the construction and development of the racing team, it has received the cordial care of Secretary Jiang Zhiying and President Zhang Xi, and has received strong support from JLUs Academic Affairs Office, School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Office of Laboratory and Equipment Management, Assets Office, Office of Global Engagement, Department of Student’s Affairs, Engineering Training Center and College of Automotive Engineering. The preparation for this competition has also been closely assisted by the Pandemic Prevention and Control Command Center and the East District General Office.

Guests attending the award ceremony included Jiang Enlai, Secretary General of China Association of Higher Education, Wang Jianguang, Secretary General of China Education Development Foundation, Zhang Jinhua, Executive Vice President and Secretary General of China Society of Automotive Engineers, Zheng Jihu, Executive Deputy Director of National Innovation Center of Intelligent and Connected Vehicles, Wu Yingce, Director of Career Development Department, China Association of Higher Education, Yan Jianlai, Deputy Secretary General of China Society of Automotive Engineers, representatives of industry-related enterprises and teachers and students of participating universities.