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Founded in 1955, College of Automotive Engineering of Jilin University (JLU) is an important base in cultivating high-level talents and conducting research for China’s automotive industry. Its discipline of Vehicle Engineering is the earliest national key discipline of its kind in China. The State Key Laboratory of Automotive Simulation and Control is affiliated to the college. Headed by Professor Guo Konghui, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, the College has a teaching and research team consists of more than 270 faculties, including 71 professors and 56 associate professors, 40 of them are doctoral supervisors.

The college has 2 post-doctoral research centers, 3 authorized doctoral degree programs, 7 master degree programs and 3 undergraduate majors. Among them, majors of Vehicle Engineering, Power Machinery and Engineering are the first batch of key construction majors of China’s “Project 211”. In 2009, the Vehicle Engineering major is awarded as the first batch of national outstanding majors. In 2012, the Vehicle Engineering major is the only one that gained the certification of engineering out of nearly 100 vehicle engineering majors nationwide. At present, the College has more than 200 doctoral students, more than 800 graduate students and more than 2,000 undergraduate students. The College has cultivated more than 30,000 automotive professionals for the society.

College of Automotive Engineering undertakes significant research programs at national, provincial and ministerial level, addressing the strategic needs of China’s automotive industry and the frontiers of international automotive engineering technology. It has conducted a large number of basic and innovative researches on major scientific issues and key common technologies in product development and innovation systems in the automotive industry. In terms of advanced technologies for vehicle and chassis, power and transmission product development, the college has innovatively developed a series of advanced design theories, technical methods, software platforms and major experimental equipment. These are also applied to China’s leading automotive manufacturers and has made important contributions to the construction of indigenous innovation capabilities of the manufacturers.

College of Automotive Engineering has established extensive academic exchanges and partnerships with universities, scientific research institutes and enterprises from many countries and regions. It regularly sends teachers abroad to do academic exchange and further studies in famous universities, or attending international academic conferences. In the meanwhile, large numbers of the renowned experts and scholars worldwide are also invited to pay academic visit to the college.

Providing an open platform for its students, the college has cultivated more than 30,000 graduates for automotive enterprises, scientific research institutes, universities and joint ventures around the world. Many graduates have become famous experts, scholars and entrepreneurs.

Many generations of efforts have led the College of Automotive Engineering to its height today. In this new era, the college is striding forward to become a domestically first-class and internationally renowned high-level and research-oriented college.