Talents Recruitment

Yangtze River Scholar Recruitment

  • Professor Recruitment of Yangtze River Scholar of Jilin University in 2009 Notice on <Implementing Plan on High-level Creative Talents Plan of Colleges and Universities> and relevant implementing measures, issued and printed by Ministry of Education
  • Recruitment Details of Yangtze River Scholar of Yangtze River Scholar and Innovation Team Development Plan
  • Supporting Measures on Innovation Team of Yangtze River Scholar and Innovation Team Development Plan
  • Implementing Measures on Excellent Talent Support Plan in New Century
  • Implementing Measures on Young Teacher Training Plan

Talents Introduction

  • Interim Measures on Talents Introduction of Jilin University
  • Personnel Department of Jilin University

Post Doctorate Research Center

With authorization of the State Council, a post doctorate research center was founded in Jilin University, among the first foundation of 27 post doctorate research centers in Oct, 1985. Post Doctorate Research Center refers to setting up some unfixed positions in high academies and research institutions, and to choose some scholars with PHD to do research work here by stage, in order to broaden their knowledge, further develop their ability to work independently, and then cultivate them to be researchers or teachers of high level. Any healthy, outstanding youth, who recently won PHD at home or abroad, at the age of 40 years or younger, and has not yet formally working, is eligible to apply for Post Doctorate researcher. The foundation of Post Doctorate Research Center in our university creates favorable conditions to cultivate high-level scientific manpower, who can meet the need of modernization and contemporary scientific development, promote academic exchange, learn widely from others’ strong points, promote talent flow, and to achieve best use of the best.

  • Entry Procedures