Experiment Conditions

  • National Key Laboratory for Automotive Simulation and Control

National Key Laboratory for Automotive Simulation and Control, sponsored by World Bank loan, is a national key Laboratory, which was approved in 1989, formally invested to set up in 1993, accomplished and accepted by the state in Dec. 1996, and ranking in the National Key Laboratories and officially open to the public in 1997. In March 2003, National Key Laboratory for Automotive Simulation and Control passed National Key Laboratory of Engineering and Materials Assessment, organized by Ministry of Science and Technology with honor.

  • Automotive Laboratory

Automotive Laboratory of Jilin University, established in1956, belongs to Automotive Engineering Department of Jilin University, and it is a teaching and experiment base of Vehicle Engineering, which is national key discipline in vehicle engineering field. During the past few years, Automotive Laboratory has played an important role in talent cultivating, experiment teaching and scientific research etc. of Automotive Engineering. During the enforcement period of the 211 Project and the 985 Project, Automobile Laboratory accomplished many international level experiment testing platforms in succession, e.g. Four-Wheel Drive Chassis Dynamometer, Electrical Drive System and Test Stand, Emission Analysis and Test System etc., taking the key research of international automotive industry with three subjects of Security, Environment and Energy-saving, which marked a new stage of test ability and scientific research level of laboratory.

  • Key Laboratory for Automotive Wind Tunnel

Key Laboratory for Automotive Wind Tunnel of Jilin University, belonging to Institute of Automotive Aerodynamics, College of Automotive Engineering of Jilin University, was prepared in 1999, started establishment in 2002, accomplished and put into use in 2003. It is one of the  wind tunnel laboratories in domestic now, which oriented in experiment and research on automotive aerodynamics.

  • Internal Combustion Engine Laboratory

Hardware Platform of Internal Combustion Engine Laboratory was co-invested by “985” Project with 1.76 million Yuan and “211” Project with 18.2 million Yuan. Among these funds, 8.05 million Yuan is from well-known enterprises home and abroad, e.g. Liszt, SIMENS etc. What’s more, with the support of “211” Project and “985” Project, the Laboratory is equipped with new international advanced platforms, e.g. Engine Exhaust Analysis Platform, Cylinder Combustion Process Analysis and Phonology Platform, Vibration Noise Analysis Platform, CAX Virtual Design Platform.

  • Auto Body Laboratory

Auto Body Laboratory, established in 1987, with fixed assets of 76 million Yuan, covering an area of about 1000m2, belongs to Auto-Body Engineering Department of College of Automotive Engineering of Jilin University. Nowadays, there are 7 experimental technicians, among whom there are 1 senior engineer and 2 engineers. The Laboratory undertakes 14 experimental teaching courses, including Auto Body Experiment, Auto Body CAD Theory, Auto Aerodynamics Foundation, Professional Training Courses, FEA of Auto Body, CAM of Auto Body, Auto Body Cover Model Design, Computer Graphics, Auto Model Manufacture, Sculpture Design, Auto Body Structure, Auto Body Design, Auto Interior Decoration  and Auto Product Data Management.

  • Thermal Energy Engineering Laboratory

Thermal Energy Engineering Laboratory, developed from Thermal Engineering Laboratory (established in 1955) in 1985, belongs to College of Automotive Engineering. The Laboratory covers an area of 630 m2, with a fixed asset of more than 3 million in the form of instruments and equipments  and owns 5 experiment technicians.