History and Status

College of Automotive Engineering of Jilin University is founded in 1955 and the name was formally changed to College of Automotive Engineering in 1986. It is a important base of talent cultivating and scientific research for China’s automotive industry. Its Discipline of Vehicle Engineering is the earliest national key discipline in the automotive field of China and there is also a National Key Lab for Automotive Simulation.

There are more than 230 people who are teaching and scientific research personnels with the core of Professor Guo Konghui, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering .There are 51 professors and 57 associate professors including 1 academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, member of discipline consultative group of Academic Degree Committee of the State Council, 1 National Professor of Thousands of People Plan, 1 Changjiang Scholar, 36 tutors of Ph.D. student. More than 76% of the teachers have PHD.

There are 2 first class discipline post doctorate research stations, 2 authorized first class discipline doctor degree subjects and 7 authorized second class discipline master degree subjects and 4 undergraduate majors in which vehicle engineering major and power machinery and engineering major are the first key construction majors of “211” project . There are about 180 doctoral degree students, more than 700 master degree students, over 2090 undergraduates, 100 oversea students and visiting scholars. The college has exported more than 22000 professionals to the society in total and some graduates have become the famous experts and scholars, the influential leaders, entrepreneurs and experts in automotive industry.

We attach great importance to academic exchange and collaboration at home and abroad and build academic exchange and collaborative relationships with universities, scientific research institutions in many countries and areas in terms of talent cultivating and scientific research and others. Every year we select experts and scholars to go abroad to give lectures, attend international academic conferences, visit for further study. We also employed many famous experts and scholars from home and abroad as honorary professors and adjunct professors. Every year we invite many famous experts and scholars from home and abroad to give lectures in our college and enroll oversea students and visiting scholars from many countries and areas to come to our college to study and work.

The undergraduates have good study conditions and job opportunities and the students have many development opportunities to choose. The excellent graduates can be recommended for graduate study without examination or take the postgraduate study through the admission examination. The number of students who take the postgraduate study through the admission examination is up to about 35% of gradates and about 20% of graduates can get the recommendation. The graduates can choose the job all around the country and they mainly go to individual proprietorships, joint ventures, foreign invested enterprises, large and medium-sized backbone enterprise groups, research and design institutions, government, colleges and universities. There are long-term and stable employment unit of the college in Shenzhen, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing, Tianjin and other coastal large and medium-sized cities and every year about 60% to 70% of graduates will go to those employment units. Because of high education quality and reasonable specialty setting, our graduates are in short supply.

In the college, the campus cultural life is rich and diversified. Many student organizations are the solid organizational guarantee for the improvement of university students’ comprehensive abilities and high-level developing training. Motoring enthusiasts association, painting and calligraphy association, football association and other students’ organizations insist in organizing the significant recreations and sport activities, innovative project and social practice which creates the favorable conditions for enriching students’ cultural and after-class life and improving students’ comprehensive qualities. The Toyota Japanese class and VW German class in the College of Automotive Engineering are the exploration and innovation methods which are done by the college and Toyota Motor Corporation of Japan and FAW-VW Automobile Stock Co., Ltd in order to accelerate the cultivating of high-quality talents. It is the model of the cooperation between university and corporations in promoting the cultivating of innovative talents. When the university students improve their language ability, they also broaden the vision of professional knowledge continuously. While they are studying the advanced automobile design and manufacturing technology in the world, they are also accepting the training of advanced management concept. The implement of University Students Innovation ‘Thousand-Hundred-Ten’ Project in College of Automotive Engineering has already had many achievements. The students of our college represent Jilin University to take part in national and industrial competitions and get many prizes.

Besides the scholarship and student loan set by the university, in order to reward the diligent students with good grades and quality, the college sets the student scholarship and grant of Shanxi Fast scholarship and grant of Shandong Wu Zheng Group, scholarship of Toyota automobile, grant of Kreisler 300C, scholarship of Kistler and etc.

Development Goal: Be a high level research college which is first-class domestically and well-known all over the world!