A General Introduction to the Academic Research

College of Automotive Engineering is both a cultivating base for high talent in the automotive industry of China and a research and development base for general automotive technology. Since being involved in the national project of Discipline Development Plan in Universities initiated by the Ministry of Education in 1983, by the end of the Twelfth Five-Year Plan,based on National Key Lab for Automotive Simulation and Control, the college has established scientific platforms for transportation and power engineering like automobile and motor etc., all together with Automotive Model Design Center, Automotive Test Center, Automotive Performance Laboratory, Energy and Power Engineering Laboratory, and Automotive Parts R&D Center of Jilin Province.

With the key construction project in the Ninth Five-Year Plan, the Tenth Five-Year Plan, the Eleventh Five-Year Plan, the Twelfth Five-Year Plan, the 211 Project and the 985 Project for higher education, the college introduced and independently developed a series of domestically leading and internationally advanced experimental facilities, and enjoys obvious industrious advantage and featured technology in its disciplines. During the Twelfth Five-Year Plan, centering the national strategic demand of accelerating independent innovation capability of automotive industry and developing energy-saving and environmental protecting vehicles, the college keeps pace with internationally leading technology development of car energy conservation and environmental protection, etc. and consolidates its existing advantages of fundamental researches on vehicle, motor, and energy and power engineering, talent cultivation and important experimental facility construction, and condenses and integrates the existing research fields, and enhances the industry promotion of research achievement and the follow-up studies of advanced technology. Through the condensation and integration of research fields, the unification of academic teams and the optimization of academic resources, the college has formed its stable research field: i.e. automotive dynamic simulation and control, automobile integration development and matching, chassis system development and control, transmission system development and control, automotive body design and manufacturing, key technology of hybrid automobile, optimization and control of internal combustion engine, auto energy diversification and new powertrain, automotive powertrain control technology, design theories and experiment measures of internal combustion engine, new energy development and renewable energy usage, and improved heat transfer and energy saving technology etc. With the stable increase in scientific research capability and academic achievement, the college ranks high among domestic universities specialized in the same field. During the past five years, the college has accumulatively acquired RMB400,000,000 research funds, and the average annual growth rate exceeds 30%. The college has been awarded with 2 items of the Second Class Prizes of National Science and Technology Progress, 20 items of Provincial Science and Technology Progress Prizes, 400 items of national and provincial scientific research projects, and published more than 10 academic monographs, 118 items of authorized patents.

The college is the pioneer working unit in the automotive industry in China concerning CEEUSRO, and ranks top among domestic universities in the same field concerning the number and sum of cooperative research projects with enterprises in the automotive industry, and forms close relationship and high-level technical collaboration with main automotive manufacturing enterprises like FAW, SAIC, SAW, Chery Automobile, Chang’an, etc. In 2008, the college was granted as the first leading working unit in CEEUSRO in China. As the only council representative of automotive colleges, the college initiated and participated in the first CEEUSRO union – the National Lightweight Automotive Technology Alliance in automobile industry recognized by the Ministry of Science and Technology, and also got involved in New Energy Vehicle Alliance, as well as the Commercial Automobile and Engineering Machinery Alliance.

Oriented to local economic development demand in Jilin Province, the college attaches great importance to the construction of Automobile Parts R&D Center of Jilin Province and after 5 years’ construction, the center has undertaken more than 40 provincial auto parts development projects with scientific research fund of more than 15 million RMB.

The college owns the best experimental and teaching facilities and scientific research base among domestic automobile colleges, with an Teaching & Research area of 33609 m2 and the total facility asset of 2.68 billion RMB. Ahead of other competitors, the college independently developed domestically leading and international advanced platforms for light vehicles, dynamics and transmission, and tire experimental condition. At present, research bases affiliated to the college include State Key Lab of Automotive  Simulation and Control, the Advanced Research Center for Automotive Development Project Sponsored by the Ministry of Education, Auto Parts Research and Development Center of Jilin Province, Auto Development and Chassis Matching Engineering Laboratory of Jilin Province, Key College Laboratory of Automotive Energy and Power Engineering of Jilin Province, National Laboratory of Automotive Product and Components Certification, Laboratory of Automotive Engine Product Certification of Jilin Province.

The college enjoys a remarkable improvement in its comprehensive capabilities including its scientific research capability and important experimental facility development, etc., forms distinctive features, and also enhances its ability to take over important national scientific research projects. During the period of the Twelfth Five-Year Plan, the college grasped the opportunity with the national policies of the 211 project, 985 project, the revitalization of northeast old industrial base and the improvement of independent innovation ability, and carried forward the fine tradition of practicality, creativity, inspiration and endeavor, accelerated the progress of improving scientific research ability and social service ability, and provided innovative talents, high-quality technology service and intellectual support for the construction of an innovation-oriented country.

Research Field

  • Automotive Dynamic Simulation and Control
  • Integrated Development and Matching of Automobile
  • Advanced Electronic Control Technology of Automobile
  • The Development and Control of Transmission System
  • Automotive Body Design and Manufacture
  • Advanced Technology for Clean Energy Automobile
  • Ultra-low Emission and Low-carbon Technologies of Internal Combustion Engine
  • Combustion Optimization and Thermomechanical Analysis of Internal Combustion Engine
  • Auto Energy Diversification and New Powertrain
  • Automotive Powertrain Control Technology
  • Theory and Measures of Modern Design of Internal Combustion Engine
  • Neo-energy Exploitation and Regenerative Energy Utilization
  • Improved Heat Transfer and Energy Saving Technology
  • Product Development Engineering in Automotive Engine